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Residences have undergone quite a transformation over the years with more advanced technologies helping create elevators solutions that are more aesthetic and functional. From a villa to a residential complex, house elevators have taken the world by storm in creating homes that offer luxury and comfort that is unparalleled. Whether you’re looking at small house elevators or a passenger lift in a tall building that opens straight to your living room, Oryx designs the right house elevators for your needs while keeping quality foremost. With almost a decade of exceptional service for a vast clientele, we, at Oryx, have managed to become a well-known entity among elevator brands that offer pristine and matchless works of art in the form of elevators solutions.

Why Opt for Residential Elevators Installation?
Apart from offering comfort and convenience, residential elevators have made lives easier for countless people with their ability to help save time and effort. Here are all the reasons why you can opt for residential lifts at home:

Great Alternative to Stair Lifts
People who have difficulty climbing up and down the stairs within their homes often have to resort to leaning heavily on the balustrade of the stairs or on another person to lend their support. While stair lifts made this easier, it is still inconvenient for quite a few people, specifically those who use wheelchairs to move about. Offering easy transportation between floors compared to stair lifts, you can live independently at home with an Oryx smart elevator!

Affordable and Convenient
For families with aged members who find it difficult to navigate stairs on a daily basis, residential lifts serve as a great boon. Not only does it save them physical pain but also ensures that no time is wasted in climbing up or down the staircases for anything. In case of homes that only have the elderly, affordable home lifts also become more convenient without needing external help to move about between floors.

Ease of Mobility
While this may not be a compelling reason for younger people, families with aging family members or aging pets can truly benefit from our Oryx house elevators that are designed to provide ease of mobility to your family. In homes with little children, a home elevator service can be a great boon if you have to carry the children up and down countless times a day. Further, you can also have in home elevators installed within your home at an early age to create the right space to grow old in without sacrificing your independence.

Adds Value to Your Home
Most people are unaware that having an in house elevator can help increase the value of the home significantly. People looking for a retirement home will certainly look at a place that offers convenience in the form of easy mobility. A house that has a residential elevator can bring higher returns than one without with potential buyers swarming to purchase the home at the first opportunity.

Types of In Home Elevators and Lifts

In home elevators and lifts come in a number of options that you can choose from depending on the type of residence and the requirement.

Inline Gear Chain Drive
Inline gear drive elevators are a convenient option when you are looking for elevators that use less space. These are elevators without machine rooms and require significantly less occupational area. Inline gear drive elevators are a cost-effective and space-saving alternative to conventional elevators. With superior safety features, these elevators offer exceptional features that make it the best choice in residential places.

Cable Winding Drum
Cable winding drum elevators are traditional assemblies that use a rotating drum and heavy duty cables. The elevator cab is lowered or elevated using the cables by winding them around the rotating drum. They are a durable piece of machinery with smooth initiations and stops.

Chain Drive Counterweight
Chain drive counterweight elevators are a type of residential elevators that use chains to harness torque from the motor. More durable than cables, chains have a higher lifespan and require less maintenance. Chain drive counterweight elevators are almost as quiet as hydraulic lifts and are very reliable. Their simplistic design makes them cost effective and a much preferred type elevator in residential areas.

Gearless Traction System
Traction elevators are the most common type of residential elevators that use a rope and pulley system. The wheel in the gearless traction elevators is directly attached to the motor. They are known for great speed and usage over large areas and are preferred for taller buildings. Their speed is much higher than hydraulic elevators and they are a reliable and durable option in high rise buildings. They are also known for low energy consumption due to their gearless traction arrangement.

Pneumatic Vacuum Tube
Pneumatic vacuum tube elevators use cylindrical shafts with elevator cabs. This is an opulent set of mechanisms that gives 360 degree view around the elevator cab. These are available for one person, two people, three people and for wheelchair accessibility over multiple floors. They are easy to install and maintain and require very little space. You can get in touch with us to share your residential elevator plans and requirements with us for an estimated quote or book an appointment to have your queries resolved and find out more about our services.

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