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If your building elevator is as old as your building itself, then chances are that it needs an urgent upgrade. As an elevator is subject to some of the harshest conditions and is used multiple times a day, it tends to wear with time, which is why it becomes important to start looking for Elevator Upgrades. Every machine has a service life and an elevator is no different, which is why after a few years, the cost of servicing an old elevator can skyrocket. Therefore, opting for an Elevator Modernization is your best bet, one that will put your mind at ease. Not only are modern elevators safer and smoother, but are extremely energy efficient, which will ensure lower power bills and lower maintenance costs.

Should you opt for a New Elevator Component Upgrades?

Before you decide to opt for a new Elevator Component Upgrades, you need to know how old is you’re existing elevator. Hydraulically operated elevators can last anywhere between 20 to 25 years at best, if serviced regularly and if your elevator has completed the said duration, then chances are that it has reached the end of its service life. If your building is equipped with a Machine Room-Less (MRL), then the service lifespan of the elevator is anywhere between 10-15 years if serviced regularly.

One of the first signs that your elevator has reached the end of its service life will be when you begin to experience regular mechanical issues and breakdowns and over time, the cost of servicing and repairing an old elevator will increase with every breakdown. As time passes, it will get difficult and expensive to procure spares for the elevator, which is when opting for a new Elevator Modernization options will be in your best interest.

Should you opt for Elevator Modernization Process?

Every Elevator Modernization process is unique, and carrying out the same is also bound to be different. When carrying out the modernization process, we at Oryx Elevators pay close attention to the following parts;

The Elevator’s Control System
Frame and Fixures
Door Operation
Motors and Generators
Besides this, we also meticulously plan the logistics part of the upgrade by ensuring that the work is carried out by licensed elevator contractors. We also assist you in procuring the necessary local and state permits and work together with experts to install fire alarm systems, electrical panel upgrades, HVAC systems, etc.

What are the Benefits of Opting for Lift Upgrades?

Besides being reliable and safer, Lift upgrades are also energy-efficient, which results in reduced power consumption and an overall lower running cost. One can expect anything between a 5-7% drop in power consumption. With the advancements in the last few years, modern-day elevators are light years ahead of where they were 25-30 years ago, and everything from the lighting, to wiring and motors, can be converted to a more power-efficient AC system from a DC setup. Not only does it result in lower power consumption, but the change would result in the system producing less heat, which will further result in better energy efficiency.

What are the various Elevator Modernizations that you can choose?

Cabin Renovations:
If your elevator is relatively new but needs to be given a modern look, then you should consider renovating the cabin. Cabin renovations are purely for aesthetic purposes and will include updates such as brighter lights, updated doors, attractive cabin flooring, designer ceiling, and wall panels, modernized switch panels, to name a few.

Stand-alone Updates:

If you feel that your elevator cabin requires a small update, then you can opt for stand-alone mechanical or aesthetical updates, to meet your needs. Stand-alone updates are also extremely cost-effective as the process would call for the replacement of just a few parts.

Comprehensive Modifications:

If you decide to choose a comprehensive modification, then it would involve making multiple changes to the elevator, to improve the aesthetics and power consumption.

We at Oryx Elevators, specialize in elevator upgrades and modernizations and have been one of the most recommended companies across the country. If you believe that your elevator needs an upgrade, then feel free to get in touch with us and we will happily assist you.

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